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Humorous / Witty

If I Could Sing Like Liza

Wandering Eye

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Good Old American Hamburger

Little Italy

Saint Patrick's Day

Two Again

Two Too


Love - Up tempo

A Little Bit In Love

Never Too Late

The First Time

The Moment That You Fell In Love

When You Love


Love - Slow tempo

All I See Is You

I Will Still Love You

Love Isn't Easy

Now That I Know

On A Night Like This

You Used To Love Me

You're Not Here


Love - Sad

A Table Set For Two



Winter Arrives


No particular category

A Walk In The Park


Gonna Have Fun Tonight

Hum A Song

That Kind Of Person

They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore

Happy Holiday



The Hat

Ulterior Motive


Irma Mae Levine has fantasies

You want to avoid this kind of guy.

We've all got to go sometime.

A barbecue, with an unusual menu.

A paean to Italians

For the holiday

Playful, witty list song.

AKA the homonym song. Witty wordplay.

Playful - at the start of love

Very optimistic, there's always a chance to succeed.


There's nothing like it.

On the virtue of patience - light and playful


Love song, for someone under stress

Sweet love song

No matter how we try, sometimes things don't work out

Learning what love is about

How can one not fall in love?

How can I get your love back?

Something is missing in my life.


He's walked out - is he coming back?

She's ready to leave, when she gets a gift.

Country western style, good duet.

Darkest of my songs

Musically and lyrically a fun song

Could have been written for Fred Astaire

She's been stood up, so she's gonna make the best of it.

What I like best about Broadway shows

Why do I have to love him (or her)?

In honor of Richard Rodgers.

A song for a holiday.

Naughty (not dirty), she's attacted to the man in the Stetson.

Another naughty song, woman teases men in a bar.

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